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FICO Score 8

Fico 8 was introduced in 2009. According to FICO, the system works consistently with older models of the score. But it comes with some unique features that make FICO 8 “a more predictive score” than prior versions.

  • FICO 8 is the most commonly used version of the FICO model. Like previous versions, it takes on-time payments, account balances, and other credit history into account when calculating your score. Scores tend to be higher for those who pay their bills on time, keep low credit card balances, and only open new accounts for targeted purchases.
  • Lower scores are attributed to those who are frequently delinquent over-leveraged, or frivolous in credit decisions. It also completely ignores collection accounts in which the original balance is less than $100.00

The additions to FICO 8 include increased sensitivity to highly utilized credit cards. This means that low credit card balances on active cards can more positively influence a borrower’s score. The score also treats isolated late payments more judiciously than past versions, so FICO 8 can be forgiving if your that late payment last year was a one-off occurrence, and all your other accounts are in good standing.

FICO 8 also divides consumers into more categories to provide a better statistical representation of risk. The primary purpose of this change was to keep borrowers with little or no credit history from being graded on the same curve as those with robust credit histories.

One of the most important aspects about FICO 8 is that it’s more sensitive to high utilization of credit lines when compared to previous versions of FICO. We recommend that you stay under 30% credit utilization to keep your FICO 8 score from dropping due to high utilization.



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Fix your credit and increase your credit score by using our credit repair services in Las Vegas.
If you’re looking for the best credit repair company in Las Vegas to rebuild your score and get back on your feet financially, you’ve come to the right place. In fact, Community Credit Repair has been voted number one credit repair service in Las Vegas three years in a row.
If your credit score is low due to missed payments, collections, a foreclosure, or possibly even a bankruptcy that are showing up on your credit report.
When that happens, it affects just about every other facet of your finances, as credit card payments go up, interest rates you have to pay rise, it’s harder to rent an apartment or buy a house.
Now you have the Community Credit Repair in Las Vegas. We can make sure your scores rise so you’ll start saving money every single month, qualify to buy a house, car or loans.
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How does Community Credit Repair in Las Vegas credit repair program work?
The credit bureaus are governed by certain national credit reporting laws. Community Credit Repair uses three credit reporting laws to dispute any items on your report that are mistakes, outdated, old, or just negatively affecting your score.
Research shows that almost 80% of all credit files contain at least one incorrect item or mistake.
Research also shows that 54% of all people have one item or more on their credit report that’s outdated or shouldn’t be reporting.
Seemingly small but there is such a large number of credit reports (about 30%) even display information from other people with similar names, birthdates or social security numbers!
Even scarier, about one in four people now are affected by data hacks, identity theft, and online financial fraud every year, which can also damage their credit!
Good news is that Community Credit Repair is here to help you clean up your credit and get back on track, voted best credit repair agency in Las Vegas.
You have a lot of options when shopping around for Las Vegas credit repair companies, but many of them will make big promises, collect even bigger payments, and then let you down.
However, Community Credit Repair is the industry leader credit repair agency in Las Vegas. For more than seventeen years, we’ve been providing legal and ethical credit repair to our clients with great results for a budget they can be  easily affordable.

What makes Community Credit Repair your best option for credit repair in Las Vegas?
The Community Credit Repair team is the most experienced, professional, and dedicated credit restoration counselors in the industry. We are located locally. Call and sit with our credit advocates to discuss these important matters. Why take on this process with a company over the phone that you have never met and makes big promises. Call today and make an appointment with Community Credit Repair and speak with an advocate now.

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Community Credit Repair’s mission is to advocate for the proper credit reporting from the three major credit bureaus. Promote financial responsibility to our clients and community members nationwide. We accomplish this through educational programs, counseling, and personalized services. We empower individuals to develop and use positive budgeting skills and effective spending behaviors, to use credit wisely, and to prevent, manage, and eliminate consumer debt. We are committed to doing business with excellence

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