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Dispute Code Removal

E-OSCAR DISPUTE CODES e-Oscar is Used by the Credit Bureaus to Handle Credit Reporting Disputes. The e-Oscar method of investigating credit disputes may be the reason your credit dispute was verified as being accurate when you are positive a mistake has occurred. Credit reporting agencies have created an automated computerized system of dealing with credit disputes.

From the testimony of Leonard Bennett with the employees of Trans Union, this is not what really happens. Every dispute is reduced to a 2-character code and supporting documentation is NEVER sent to the information furnisher.
The “investigators” at the credit bureaus have a maximum of 4 minutes to determine what 2-digit code to reduce the dispute to send to e-Oscar and through e-Oscar, the information furnishers.
E-OSCAR Dispute codes — Revised 4/08
CODE Description
1 Not his/hers
2 Belongs to another individual with same/similar name
6 Not aware of collection
8 Late due to change of address – never received statement
10 Settlement or partial payments accepted
12* Claims paid the original creditor before collection status or paid
before charge-off
14** Claims paid before collection status
15 Credit Limit and/or High Credit amount incorrect
19 Included in the bankruptcy of another person
23 Claims account closed
24 Claims account closed by consumer
31 Contract cancelled or rescinded
37 Account included in bankruptcy
38* Claims active military duty
39 Insurance claim delayed
40 Account involved in litigation
41 Claims victim of natural or declared disaster
100* Claims account deferred
101 Not liable for account (i.e., ex-spouse, business)
102 Account reaffirmed or not included in bankruptcy
103 Claims true identity fraud/account fraudulently opened
104 Claims account take-over, fraudulent charges made on account
105 Disputes Dates of Last Payment/Opened/of First Delinquency/Billing/Closed
106 Disputes present/previous Account Status/Payment History Profile/ Payment Rating
107 Disputes Special Comment/Compliance Condition Code/narrative remarks
108 Disputes Account Type or Terms Duration/Terms Frequency or Portfolio Type disputed
109 Disputes current balance
110 Claims company will change
111 Claims company will delete
112 Claims inaccurate information
* New Dispute Code effective 06/24
** Obsolete Dispute Code effective 06/24


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